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Flare Manufacturing Facility in Oakland, TN

Security Signals is a flare manufacturing company that contracts with the Department of Defense.  Since 1996, Chris Woods Construction has completed over 50,000 square feet of construction on this 260 acre site.  These unique projects include:  heat/storage buildings, production buildings and office buildings constructed in accordance with the rigid requirements to meet National Department of Defense standards.

Security Signals, Inc. first worked with Chris Woods Construction as our General Contractor in 1996, when they began building our original Oakland facility. Since that time we have continued to use Chris for all of our contracting requirements. As a Defense contractor we have very specific requirements for both design and construction, and they have always been able to address the details of the job to our complete approval. The fact that we have continued to use Chris Woods Construction since 1996 speaks to our confidence in their ability as a contractor and our satisfaction with the end results.

Susan D. Lee | President