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Construction: FedEx files multimillion-dollar permit

Posted by | January 21 2017

This article originally appeared in the Memphis Business Journal

Construction: FedEx files multimillion-dollar permit

A multimillion-dollar building permit was submitted for the most prominent business in Memphis.

The permit dated Jan.18 for 2903 Sprankel Ave. called for “renovation to FedEx air traffic tower.”

FedEx Express was listed as the owner/tenant on the permit, which was valued at $2.8 million. When asked about the renovation, a communications advisor with FedEx Services provided the following statement on behalf of the company:

“Renovations to our Memphis Hub control tower are underway and scheduled to be completed in August. The project includes equipment upgrades and improvements to the observation deck and work areas.”

FedEx Express is an operating company under Memphis-based FedEx Corp. (NYSE:FDX). Founded in 1971, FedEx Corp. is the largest public company employer according to the Memphis Business Journal’s 2016-2017 Book of Lists, with 30,000 local employees.