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Sanctuary Renovations

The focus of the remodel in the existing sanctuary was to relocate the tabernacle to the center of the sanctuary behind the altar.  The work consisted of demolition of the existing sanctuary area and drywall partition behind the altar.  A new stage was constructed and installation of new glass fiber crown moldings, columns, and bases.  The work at the altar area consisted of ceramic tile columns with glass fiber capitals and bases as well as new ceramic tile work on the floor surface of the sanctuary stage.  A new tabernacle stand was constructed in the center of the stage with new marble counter tops and marble features.  The work at the tabernacle stand included custom fabricated marble columns, bases, capitals, and arches.

During the renovation the entire Nave received a face lift to include minor drywall patching/repair, fresh coat of paint, new lighting, and new spot lights to accentuate the new features at the altar areas.  The construction of the altar surround included the addition of 4 new niches for the Blessed Mother, St Clare, St Francis, and St Joseph.

The Sanctuary was rededicated by the current Bishop David Talley on October 15, 2023.